What is ESCAPE?







ESCAPE stands for European Studies Commission for Activities, Promotions and Events. It is a truly unique organization.

We charge no member fees and aren’t exclusive. Instead, we recruit students to help us put on events for the entire European Studies community, and to help with promotional activities and student recruitment.

It is fun, but also gives members experience with relevant professional skills, including marketing, event planning and more.

In Organization Activities

  • Monthly meetings to welcome new members, discuss task divisions & announce upcoming events
  • Voluntary work conducted in separate ESCAPE groups
  • Events Involving outside organizations
  • Social gatherings with ESCAPE or involving other student associations

ESCAPE Meetings

ESCAPE conducts monthly meeting for all members. The newest members to the organization will receive a warm welcome, followed by their first interactions with other members. They will receive a clear image of what ESCAPE is like as an organization, and they will have a chance to introduce themselves. To ease the unfamiliar environment, ESCAPE usually conducts social gathering events shortly after receiving new members.

All members will be introduced to the task division, which exists in separate groups. Members will work in at least one of the groups to participate in voluntary work. During the meetings, students will be introduced to fellow members affiliated to each groups. Students will be required to approach the leader of a group in order to participate in a workshop.

The meetings will also announce upcoming events and the date they will take place. Some events would involve members from outside organizations. During those events, ESCAPE students will have the opportunity to represent European Studies students while interacting with those affiliated with well known organizations. Members will be highly encouraged to participate in those events, as it counts as part of voluntary work and broadens the activities of ES students.

ESCAPE Task Divisions

In order for a member to fulfill their voluntary work for their study years, ESCAPE’s workforce is divided into separate groups. The groups are Event Preparations, Open Days, ESCAPE Instagram, ESCAPE board, and IT. Each team will work as a group and as an individual regarding their task.

Events With Other Organizations

ESCAPE also conducts events with well known organizations. The latest event was the MEU (Mini Model European Union).

Social Gatherings

For members to bond with one another, ESCAPE conducts social gathering activities from time to time. It is known that ESCAPE conducts big collaborations with other student associations for big social gatherings. However, at times the organization just wish to have their members get to know each other. This persuaded ESCAPE to upload a poster, inviting every member to come to an event simply to see on another. Those activities could come in the form of game nights, but most of the time, they come in the form of parties.